too many ocs aaaa!!!!!!!! ive kindaredesigned some so far !!! im workin on it !!!!!
im currently reworking a lot of oc shit !!! SO this will take longer than expected. literally tryin to fix the dumb stories/worlds i came up with when i was abt 14 and didnt think to make it logical in any way . i gotta figure out the whole overarching plot of at least my "main" world of ocs which involves rewriting a lot of shit from scratch cos a lot of the story is based on the bad edgy unimaginative world that baby me came up with. its not very good lol it was basically just a place for me to imagine silly scenarios to happen to my ocs with a vague sketchy guy they were working for who is actually a semigod gettin revenge on the real gods. or something. it was not good LOL like i said. vague as shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but yea i am trying to rewrite and redesign a lot of my ocs atm and progress is slow but i really do wanna make pages for them n such here when im ready, at least with visual design components

link 2 my
page w this->